Here you will find a brief explanation of how the Kaaja Collection customization tool works and a step by step guide of how to use it.



Kaaja Collection is a series of cabinets and sideboards with a modular system that allows the customization of the modules. By using this customization tool you will be able to create your own and unique piece. After two simple steps you will see your creation ready, then you will be asked to fill some fields and, after clicking “submit”, you will get your creation in an e-mail. We will also receive you creation and we will contact you as soon as we can with more details about your cabinet, the prices and about the purchasing method. Note that this is not a purchasing tool so you can feel free creating your pieces and asking about them as many times as you could need. We will always be here to help you.



By following this step by step guide you will be able to create your own cabinet in an easy way.

1. Start

This is the homepage, just click START to start with your creation.


2. Select your model

In this page you first need to select the model to customize. By clicking on each icon, you will see the model and its dimensions. By clicking on the wood icons on the top right corner you will choose the wood finishes of the body. Here you can choose between natural oil and white pigmented oil.


Once you decide the model and its finishes, click on “CUSTOMIZE”.


3. Select the modules

In this step you will choose how the modules will look. The modules will fit on the grid.


- ADD A MODULE. By clicking on a module, it will directly appear inside the cabinet. Automatically, the customization menu will appear.
- SIZE OF THE MODULE. By dragging from the right bottom corner of the module you will change the size of the module. Depending on the model and on the type of module, there will be some restrictions about the size of the modules.
- COLOR OF THE MODULE. By clicking on “COLOR”, at the customization menu, a color wheel will appear. By clicking on the color you will select the finishes of the selected module.
- MOVE A MODULE. The modules can be moved on the grid. Just click and hold while moving the module.



- ADD NEW MODULES. Once a module is finished, you need to click on “ok” icon and then you can click on a new module from the list. This new module will appear there where it will find a spot.
- DELETE A MODULE. Select the module and click on the “trash” icon on the customization menu.


Once you finish your cabinet click on NEXT to go into the final step.

4. Final step

Your cabinet is ready! Now you just need to fill the fields and you will receive your creation into your mailbox.

Then, we will contact you soon to talk about more details.



Note that colours complaints will not be considered as faulty items. We use colour codes when using colours in our products. We have made every effort to make the colours and finishes as close as possible to the colours and finishes of the products. However, due to reflections, shadows, monitor calibration, printing and the use of natural materials, colors may slightly differ. Please, see below for colours codes:




This customization tool is developed to be used on devices with a screen bigger than 700px width and 580px height. On devices with a smaller screen, the use of the tool could be difficult due to the need of moving and resizing the modules. We recommend its use on devices such as tablets and computers. On some devices, the OS might be set up to zoom in showing icons, bars and texts bigger than their real size. This fact might cause some troubles when using this customization tool. On those cases, we recommend you to check the configuration of your screen resolution and set it up on 100%.



This is not a purchasing tool. Here you can create your own cabinet and, by submitting your creation, you will get in touch with us. Then we will contact you with more details about the price of your cabinet, the purchasing method, etc. And once we fix every detail you will finally complete your order.
The price of each cabinet depends on the modules you choose. You can find the prices for each cabinet and its modules here. Therefore, once you submit your creation we will contact you with more details about the price of your cabinet, the purchasing method, etc.
The Kaaja Collection modular system is based on a 6x6 grid. When using this customization tool, the modules will fit on this grid. Depending on the model and on the kind of module, you will find some restrictions. This is the reason why some modules cannot be bigger or smaller than certain dimensions. These restrictions are mainly based on the usability of the modules. For example, a drawer stops being functional when it is too small.
Every modules is an independent module. This means that you could rearrange the modules in different ways once at home. The following image shows how the modules are built and placed inside the body of the cabinet.
Every cabinet is made by order. Once you submit your creation we will contact you with more details and we will ask you about your different needs. We will ask you if you need cable outlets on some modules, etc.
If you think you would need something different from what you can find on this customization tool you can always contact us to let us know about your needs. We will always try to help you.